Thank you for your inte­rest in beco­m­ing a mem­ber of the Ger­man chap­ter of the world­wi­de Ash Hole Cigar Club.

To docu­ment your affi­lia­ti­on, you will recei­ve your Ash Hole Cigar Club Patch. The chap­ter expects a small one-time dona­ti­on of € 10 for this and for the postage.

As a mem­ber, you will want to pro­mo­te the chap­ter’s acquain­tance through postings and other acti­vi­ties. Your Insta­gram postings should show your patch in the pic­tu­re and tag it with the hash­tag #ash­hole­cig­ar­club­ge­r­ma­ny and the hyper­link @ashholecigarclubgermany should be men­tio­ned in the text of the image description.

If you want your posts to be seen by other Ash Holes world­wi­de, you can use the hash­tags #ashhole4life and #the­ash­ho­le­way.

To beco­me a mem­ber, plea­se down­load the app­li­ca­ti­on form ( and send it to us com­ple­ted by email to
We look for­ward to wel­co­m­ing you soon.